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“We Stop Lyme Disease Where It Starts”®

We Stop Lyme Disease Where It Starts®

Tick Box® Plan

Host Targeted Approach

The Tick Box® TICK CONTROL SYSTEM is an easy to use, low maintenance, highly effective stand-alone treatment with the lowest environmental impact to reduce ticks.

Spray & Tick Box® Plan

Integrates Host & Habitat

Our integrated program offers the greatest protection. Our services achieve 97% tick control in your yard. Keeping your property and person safe from infected ticks.

Tick Spray Plan

Habitat Targeted Approach

Our spray program is low dose, high performance tick control with minimal ecological influence customized to your specific property and personal needs.

got ticks?®


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We Stop Lyme Disease Where It Starts®

About Our Tick Control Company

Some corporate franchises sell tick control as an add-on service to their lawn care plans. Other companies try to boost mosquito fogging sales with promises their product will control ticks with the same application. We specialize in tick control using Integrated Tick Management strategies combined with industry best practices to provide the most effective protection possible. We are a privately owned company that began over 25 years ago as the first exclusive tick control company in the United States.

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