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About Us

David and Richard Whitman, the principles of Connecticut Tick Control®, LLC have provided tick control since 1991.  In 1997 launching the country’s first exclusive tick control company to solely address tick-borne diseases plaguing Connecticut. Soon after, New York Tick Control, LLC was created to address the exploding Lyme disease cases being reported throughout the state.  Now over twenty-five years later have firmly established New Jersey Tick Control, INC, Rhode Island Tick Control, INC and Pennsylvania Tick Control, LLC companies.

Our companies have grown over the years protecting residential and commercial properties, public and private schools, daycares and parks as well as facilitating scientific research and development of existing and up-and-coming tick control products.

We have always utilized the most effective and environmentally safe products and the most efficient equipment available.  Our highly trained licensed technicians are the best in their field, bar none. We have been providing our clients guidance on personal protection measures and property management practices since our beginning; creating a much safer and a less worrisome outdoor environment for home, school and business properties.

We are actively involved in fundraisers, conferences, health fairs and other related events supporting Lyme disease prevention and awareness in the region.  We ardently promote professionalism and proper business practices in the tick control industry vis á vis tick control round tables, tick IPM working groups, tick control education seminars as well as being members of industry specific associations, BBB and the chamber of commerce.  We are leaders in this industry and are stewards of our environment.  

This is all we do!   Make no mistake, we do tickin’ right!

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