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Tick Spray Plan

Tick Spray Plan

Our spray season operates from April through October, during unseasonably warm years we often run into November.

Our spray program is low dose, high performance tick control with minimal ecological influence, and customized to your specific property and needs.

Our service can achieve greater than 94% control using the best products available and they degrade within 30 days.

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Tick Spray

We utilize the most sophisticated delivery system which allows our product to be applied with enough volume and pressure to maximize penetration of leaf litter and dense foliage.  Primary and secondary tick habitats are targeted. 

The Blacklegged tick is active year round as long as the temps are above freezing!

May through August: Nymph stage ticks are active during this period.

August through September: Larval stage ticks are active during this period.

September through November: Adult stage ticks are active during this period.

December through March: Adult active above freezing.

March through April: Left over adults are active during this period.

Our spray delivery system provides the safest and most effective protection while introducing the least amount of chemicals to the environment. All spray products are EPA approved and labeled for the Blacklegged, Lone Star and American dog ticks. Our products have the highest efficacy rate of 94%, low odor and are colorless. 

Evaluate the Property

All properties differ in one aspect or another and don’t necessarily require the same control measures to attain similar levels of control.  We’ll take in consideration how you and your family use the property as well as rate your risk to possible exposure to primary tick habitats that exist. Based on this information, we’ll design the right plan for you. We’ll also make recommendations for landscape management practices that will reduce tick habitats that you or your landscaper can implement.   

We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Tick Control. That’s all we do!