Tick Box® Plan

Cutting-Edge Technology for the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the United States

The Host Targeted Approach!

Tick Box® Plan

The Tick Box® Tick Control System provides an easy-to-use, stand-alone, low-maintenance, highly effective means of ridding your yard of ticks and reducing your chances of contracting Lyme disease.  It interrupts the Lyme disease cycle without harming wildlife, damaging the environment or threatening the health of your family. 

The Tick Box Tick® Control System will reduce tick populations by as much as 88% after just one year and have over 97% control after year two.

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How The Tick Box® Works


Our certified installers place the TICK BOX®  units at measured distances around the property.  A protective perimeter is formed as the units are strategically installed out of view and secured to the ground. This system is installed in 2 phases, the first in spring for the nymph stage ticks and the second in summer for the larvae stage. At mid-season nymph stage units are replaced with larvae units, all units are removed by the installer at the end of the season.

Step 1

Bait boxes are placed around the perimeter of a home to attract the white-footed mouse and eastern chipmunk that carry the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease and other illnesses.  Ticks that feed on these reservoir hosts become infected with the bacterium and transmit to humans, pets and the next generation of rodents in the area.

Step 2

Mice in general are curious about novel objects in their environment combined with the attractive smell of food inside the tick box entices a mouse to enter. 

Step 3

In order to collect its food, the mouse or other small rodent must rub against a wick that applies a low dose of an acaricide known as fipronil to its fur across the head, shoulders and back of the animal.

Step 4

The animal exits the bait box unharmed as the fipronil quickly works to kill any ticks that the host is carrying.  The agent continues to kill ticks for many weeks after the initial application.  The system is effective for 180 days and will control nymph stage ticks in spring and larvae stage ticks in the summer.

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