Integrated Spray and Tick Box® Plan

Proven technology for reducing tick abundance and lowering the prevalence of tick-borne agents in the ticks.

Integrated Tick Control

Our Integrated Tick Management strategy avoids excessive reliance on a single control method. Through balanced acaricide spray applications, habitat modifications and host targeted devices you’ll achieve unparalleled results with minimal impact on the environment and non-target organisms.

Larval and nymphal stage ticks become infected when they feed on a reservoir host.  White-footed mice, Eastern chipmunks, voles and shrews are all reservoir hosts of the bacteria that cause Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders.

We use the only proven effective host targeted device on the market today. The Tick Box® Tick Control System not only reduces tick populations but reduces the percentage of infected ticks by applying a small amount acaricide to the resident host population of mice, chipmunks, voles and shrews without harm to the animals.  Combined with safe, low dose properly timed and targeted acaricide sprays your tick population will be better controlled.

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Tick Box®

Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) and scientifically proven effective in significantly reducing the number of ticks present in the landscape. The Tick Box® Tick Control System reduced tick populations by 97.3% after the second year of use.  The rate of infection of remaining ticks was reduced to less than 2%. 

Our certified installers place the TICK BOX® units at measured distances around the property. A protective perimeter is formed as the units are strategically installed out of view and secured to the ground.

This system is installed in 2 phases. The first set of boxes are installed in spring targeting nymph stage ticks and the second set of boxes are installed 90 days later targeting the larvae stage. All units are removed by the installer at the end of the season. 

Tick Spray

No need to spray aggressively when integrating your tick control program with the Tick Box® Tick Control System.  The system will work without spraying because it replaces the nymph and larvae targeted sprays found in spray only programs.

For quicker results in (year one) spray once in late spring/early summer for a quick population knock-down and then once in the fall for the emerging adult stage ticks.  In (year 2) spray once in the fall to control any adult stage ticks that may be around.

We utilize the most sophisticated delivery system which allows our product to be applied with enough volume and pressure to maximize penetration of leaf litter and dense foliage.  Primary and secondary tick habitats are targeted. Nymph and Adult stage ticks are initially targeted and subsequent year sprays can be reduced to a single fall spray targeting adult stage ticks when integrating the Tick Box® Tick Control System.

Our spray delivery system provides the safest and most effective protection while introducing the least amount of chemicals to the environment. All spray products are EPA approved and labeled for the Blacklegged, Lone Star and American dog tick. Our products have the highest efficacy rate of 94%, low odor and are colorless.

Evaluate the Property

All properties differ in one aspect or another and don’t necessarily require the same control measures to attain similar levels of control.  We’ll take in consideration how you and your family use the property as well as rate your risk to possible exposure to primary tick habitats that exist. Based on this information, we’ll design the right plan for you. We’ll also make recommendations for landscape management practices that will reduce tick habitats that you or your landscaper can implement.   

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